Mortiz Espy


"I grew up on the family cattle ranch in Forsyth, Montana and graduated with a BS in Natural Resource and Ranch Management from National American University in Rapid City. Since 2005, I have been managing a 100% grassfed operation running over 2000 head. I know the true value of grass and enjoy helping operators with their risk management needs. I have seen the benefits PRF Insurance on this operation and believe everyone should look to minimize drought risk."

Jenita Qualm


Jenita grew up on a cattle operation in the Sandhills of Nebraska. As a grassland ecologist and professional grazer, Jenita lives in South Dakota where she's pursing her passion with grasslands and grassland managers. She decided to start her career with AgriPrime because of our specialty in Pasture, Range, and Forage, and she felt that livestock producers and their grasslands could greatly benefit from our program! Jenita is determined to spread the word and do her best in insuring God's grass.

Darla West


Darla has over 10 years of experience in the insurance business, and a strong base in agriculture. She grew up in Crook County Wyoming, traveled across the country after high school , only to return to the smell of sagebrush and ponderosa pines in Northeast Wyoming. Darla worked for the USDA and local Conservation District, where she met and married a local rancher. Together, they have taken on a family ranch and experienced the highs and lows of the livestock industry, annual crops, hay, and rangeland. Studying business administration in college, paired with supplementing ranch income through lumber brokerage, sales, writing and financials has really helped Darla understand the ins and outs of the bigger picture. She looks forward to the opportunities and experiences that AgriPrime will bring her, and she's "got her sleeves rolled up and gloves on" ready to help Wyoming farmers and ranchers.

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