Colt Tritt


"My name is Colt Tritt. My wife and I along with our two children own and operate 4T Cattle Company. We operate a commercial angus influenced herd ,we operate a grow yard for the purpose of backgrounding calves addition to we operate a hay operation for our own stock and also custom bale for local ranches I also have a couple of semis and ship cattle all over the United States. I am new to the sales end of the insurance industry, however, I have been around the livestock industry my whole life. With my knowledge of raising livestock, land and forage management and the business end of it all, I feel I could greatly benefit the farmer or rancher in educating him on all of the benefits of the pasture, rangeland and forage program I myself have felt the effects of drought and lack of feed and forage which forces the ones in the industry to make hard sale decisions and also to feel the hard effects of loss profits."

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